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The “Christian” Label

donald+trump.pngIn light of The Donald making news (everyday) again, I decided to write this post. It’s election time so naturally the pandering to the religious voter has been well under way for a period of time now. Unfortunately too many people allow candidates to buy their vote by simply saying the right words or adhering to a specific moral issue during election cycle. Due to this natural, every four year occurrence, I keep hearing the word Christian thrown around ad naseum. Yesterday, my weirdness meter went off inside my head and I decided to look into what that word means, where if at all it is used in the Bible, and what the context is surrounding the uses of it. Continue reading

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TN Amendment 1: The Irony of It All

This whole abortion issue is quite ironic. I was driving into work this morning and heard an advertisement about TN Amendment 1 on the radio. (Yes I’m a millennial and still listen to the radio. Call me old-fashioned.) As I listened to the ad, the irony of this abortion issue and where varying sides fall in the debate came at me fast. Let me explain.

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