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Well This Could Be Embarrassing

I started thinking about things that I do and enjoy that some people would consider embarrassing.

So here are some (not too) embarrassing facts about me:
I like pop music. Beiber. One Direction. Ed Sheeran. Taylor Swift. JT. Katy Perry. Sam Smith. Maroon 5. Carrie Underwood. Brad Paisley. New Country Music. Continue reading

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What is Worship?

Everyday, you wake up, get out of bed, and continue on with your story. From the decisions you make, to the places you go, to the way you spend your time, you are telling a story. What story you are telling depends on the object of your worship.  Continue reading

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I’m exhausted.

Validation. Purpose. Worth. These are words we rarely use when discussing ourselves, but words that describe our endless search for meaning in life. Social media gives us the avenue to achieve it. Continue reading

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