Why good paying jobs aren’t available to YP in Memphis

Memphis Young Professional article (paid)

Unknown to me that the attached article was going to run this week in the Commercial Appeal, a friend and I discussed these very issues last Tuesday.

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Why #Millennial #Marketing?


I get looks of bewilderment and excitement when I tell people I specialize in millennial marketing. Some think I’m crazy, because millennials are unique and difficult to discern. Others, the smart folks, immediately ask me for advice on connecting their company with millennials. Basically, that sums up the beauty of millennial marketing. There is no “one size fits all” strategy to connect with millennials. They are unique and intriguing, always changing and adapting to their environment. The chameleon generation would fit as a good descriptor as well.

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Capitalism, Discrimination & Freedom

UPDATE: As of 12:30 PM, it has been reported State Senator Kelsey has removed his name as sponsor of the bill. Another senator has assumed sponsorship.

TN State Sen Brian Kelsey is making waves in the gay community around the nation and locally in the Memphis area for his sponsorship of a bill that seeks to protect businesses or organizations with religious beliefs against homosexuality.

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Really Russia, Really?

I’m perturbed. Russia has known it was hosting the Olympics for 8 years now and this is what we get? Crappy, unfinished, tarnished living quarters? Continue reading

Louisville, Petrino doesn’t deserve another chance

Have you heard about what’s going on at the University of Louisville? They are have re-hired Bobby Petrino as their football coach? Yes, THAT guy.

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2013 wrap-up

It’s that time. The last day of the year. Time to reflect upon all the things that have happened in 2013. It’s been a mixed bag. Continue reading

Grizzlies: Small Market, Efficient, Profit

The Memphis Grizzlies are sitting at 10-11, a far cry from what many fans at the end of the historic 2013 playoff run. Nevertheless, here we are. How did we get here? Continue reading

Why God? Why?

Why God? Why? Why all this pain & suffering? If you’re real, then why destruction & ruin & death to innocent people? Continue reading

One day I’ll wake up

What a life. I’m dreaming. One day I’ll wake up. Continue reading

Politics in Sports

I get a lot of random thoughts in my head during the day. Today, it started off early. Driving to workout this morning, this idea of politics in sports came into my mind. Continue reading