Well This Could Be Embarrassing

I started thinking about things that I do and enjoy that some people would consider embarrassing.

So here are some (not too) embarrassing facts about me:
I like pop music. Beiber. One Direction. Ed Sheeran. Taylor Swift. JT. Katy Perry. Sam Smith. Maroon 5. Carrie Underwood. Brad Paisley. New Country Music.

I probably don’t like that band that was popular while I was in HS or College that was the cool, hip group. Dave Matthews Band. Phish. Smashing Pumpkins, etc.
Why? See above! P-O-P MUSIC! I’ve always preferred Britney, Christina, BSB, Nsync, 98 Degrees, etc. I grew up watching TRL every afternoon.

I have neither seen nor read most of the popular and often quoted movies and books. Tommy Boy. Pulp Fiction. Forrest Gump. You name it, I probably didn’t see it unless it was made by Disney.

Trivia Crack was fun for like a month. Now it’s boring.

I don’t like reading books. I’ve made it most of my life without reading a book cover to cover. There are maybe 10 books I actually read. I love reading, just not books.

I love sappy, cheesy chick flicks and romantic comedies.

I’ve never been hunting.

I prefer city (suburb) life over living in the country.

I don’t eat ketchup, mayonnaise, tomato, pickles, peanut butter, onions, peppers, most vegetables, meatloaf, mushrooms. My palate and menu are like those of most 6 year olds.

I don’t drink beer or wine. I love Bourbon and whiskey, on the rocks. I drink it on special occasions.

I prefer sour, fruity candy over chocolate candy unless it has caramel with it or solid milk chocolate, but only in doses.

I’m not skilled at mechanics or with cars.

My biggest fear is being ineffective and not useful.

I want a daughter, but I’m not sure I want to have a third child, let’s see how the second one goes.

Basketball is my sport of choice. I’ve always loved it. Nothing else is close.

Video Games are boring after like 2 days.

I like dancing and choreographed dances. I choreographed the dance in this music video.

I have been addicted to pride since I was 5. Addicted to lust and sex since I was 12. Addicted to saving and proving myself since I can remember.

I’m very displeased in the state of the organized church in society. It’s time for another reformation. And it’s not for the reasons you’re probably thinking. The religious right has too much influence among the church. Jesus didn’t live perfectly so we would vote Republican, then go be hateful to Muslims and gays. Nor did Jesus come so we would raise taxes and turn society into a place for people to live off the state by taxes and redistribution.

I’m not a Republican or a Tea Party member or Democrat.

I hate talking on the phone. Give me text/email communication or face to face meetings.

I have no issue with cussing. The Bible doesn’t mention cussing. It commands us to lift one another up with our speech, to love people, to serve each other and not take God’s name in vain. You can break all of those commands without cussing. Conversely you can cuss and still uphold those commands if that’s what you’re trying to do. It’s about the motives not the actions. Also, what is cussing? Who defines that? Its definition and what is considered a cuss word has changed with every generation. So do God’s requirements change? Granted cussing usually is a poor way to communicate and used as a shortcut to explain a point, but they’re merely words. Man I opened up a can there didn’t I? Maybe that will have to be another blog.

Based upon these and more you can see why I don’t really fit into a mold.

You don’t either.

It’s important to be honest with yourself, your preferences and tendencies. Don’t shy away or try to fit into someone’s box of what/who they want you to be. You can be different and still enjoy another’s friendship and company. We don’t have to fit in and have the same likes and opinions to be accepted and loved.

See, these things I’ve listed don’t really define who I am. They’re just descriptors about me. I’m more than what I like to do and say and believe. Jesus is my identity. Standing in my place before God is Jesus. I’m dirty, unclean and unworthy to stand before God. Jesus rescued me. He adopted me, gave me his perfection, riches and kingdom. Because of that I can be honest about things I like and don’t like in this fleshly body not fearing the need to fit in. I know I’m a work in progress. I’m being redeemed and restored as part of His story. This life I live isn’t about me and my story. I’m a notch in his belt. I’m a part of his grand and glorious story.

So are you.

If you were to list out things as I just did, I bet your list would be pretty interesting too. Know that those things are merely descriptors of you. Life’s question is this: Are you known by God? Has God chosen you? Do you see the end of your rope? Are you desperate, worn out and out of effort? Good.

Trust that Jesus did enough to rescue you & make you worthy. Trust when he said “it is finished” while hanging on the cross as he breathed his last breath, he meant it. Salvation’s work is finished. Your way to meaningful life is not up to you.

The Gospel tells me that though I have embarrassing things in my life, sinful things, because I’ve been given life through Jesus, God doesn’t see them. He sees the perfection of Jesus, the crimson stain of Jesus’ blood washed my black hardened stains away and replaced them with his white, spotless, pure perfection.

I’m freed. The embarrassing part of life? All gone. Before God, it’s been erased. The condemnation and humiliation that comes with that embarrassment, it’s gone too.

And you know what? That’s so not embarrassing!

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